How Father’s can have custody of children

Father’s role is vital in growth and development of children. But the parents separated, children get troubled about father’s moments.  Therefore, the father should give more attention to the children. First of all, father should never think that he won’t get custody of children. The father has right joint child custody. Many states in United States establishing the rules about joint child agreements as such agreements are most suitable for the children when parents are separated.
When the parents of the child unable to negotiate the child custody arrangements, the relevant judge will decide through hearing list. Three types of custody of children can be used when divorce is granted to the parties. The most common custody is joint custody.  When the couple decides to share the equal, the joint custody will be declared. The second custody is known as Joint custody with prime parent. During this type, one parent is primary parent and other one called as secondary payment. Surprisingly, the secondary parent supposed to spare more time with the child rather primary parent. In case of final type, sole custody will be granted. In this case, non-custodial parent is expected to pay child support and limited amount of time is only spent. It is choice of the father so that any type of custody among the specified can be chosen according to feasibility.
The custody laws differ in each state. In case of California, the courts have full power to decide the child custody. Like other States, the California has to follow the priorities of the child. The first priority is to assure the best interest of the child in connection with health, welfare and safety.  In case of second priority, the courts will consider frequent and continuing contact of the parent.  It is duty on the father to produce evidence in case other parent is abusive or neglectful. The child custody will be granted to the natural parents but California custody laws allows any other who will be able to provide sufficient to the child. So the grandparents, step parents etc also can be grated child custody instead of father or mother.