The Rights of Father’s During Divorces

Some incidents will lead to divorce and the parents of the children get separated. Still the father has rights and responsibilities about the children. In fact no order requires to enjoy such rights. As long as courts do not intervene, the father can perform his duties about the children.  The rights include to provide the support the children, custody of the children etc. normally, when the couple with children divorce, the mother is fit to take care of the children, therefore custody will be went to the mother. The father holds only visitation rights besides paying child support.  The role of the father increased as no. of divorce cases increased and even wives joining in military, thereby role of the fathers increased.
The counties in United States established various codes for which the father can access the rights. For example Texas Family Code 153.131 prescribed as the father supposed to request to joint manager with the mother. It means, the father able to take decisions in the areas of health care and education about the children. In fact such joint managing is a parental right and not requires the mother’s agreement.  Similarly under Texas Family Code 153.317, the father allowed weekend visitations on Friday, retrieval of children from school or day care and returning etc.  Besides, the fathers also have right to pick the children from school or daycare on Wednesdays.  Even some states require father’s consent where is mother within the state. It means mother cannot move more than 150 miles without notification. When the notification is required, as a right of father he can file an objection to stop the mother for such relocation.